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Spring MVC

4 May, 2019 9.00- 11.00

Introduction to Spring MVC. It covers building a basic app, architecture, controllers, views, tags, validation, and ajax within Spring MVC.

Introduction to Spring
  • Overview of Spring Technology
  • Spring Introduction
  • The Spring Container
  • Overview of the Spring Container
  • ApplicationContext Overview
  • ClassPathXmlApplicationContext, FileSystemXmlApplicationContext, AnnotationConfigApplicationContext
  • API and Usage
  • Dependencies and Dependency Injection (DI)
Configuration in Depth
  • Java Based Configuration (@Configuration)¬†
  • Integrating Configuration Types
  • Bean Scope and Lifecycle
  • Bean Scope Defined – Singleton, Prototype, and Other Scopes
  • Configuring Scope
  • Bean Creation Lifecycle
  • Lifecycle Callbacks
  • BeanPostProcessor
  • Event Handling
Wiring in Depth
  • Value Injection
  • Constructor Injection
  • Constructor Injection Overview
  • Configuration – @Configuration and XML
  • Qualifiers / Domain Specific Language (DSL)
  • Profiles
  • Overview of SpEL
Database Access with Spring
  • Overview of Spring Database Support
  • Configuring a Data Source
  • Using Spring with Hibernate
  • High Level Hibernate Overview
  • SessionFactory configuration
  • LocalSessionFactoryBean
  • Contextual Sessions and Spring Integration
  • Using Spring with JPA
Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP)
  • Overview of AOP
  • Spring AOP Introduction
  • ¬†Pointcut Expressions and Advice
  • Marker Annotations (Rubber Stamp AOP)
  • @AspectJ Based AOP Support
  • @AspectJ Annotations Overview
  • Defining an Aspect, Pointcut, and Advice
  • Other Considerations
Spring Transaction (TX) Management
  • Introduction to Spring Transaction Management
  • Spring Transaction Managers
  • Spring Declarative TX Management
  • Spring TX Scope and Propagation
  • Spring TX Attributes (REQUIRED, SUPPORTS, etc)
  • XML Configuration of Transactions
  • Specifying Advice, TX Attributes, and Methods
  • Linking Advice with Pointcuts
  • Benefits of XML Configuration of TX Behavior
Spring Web Integration and Introduction to Spring MVC
  • Integrating Spring with Java EE Web Apps
  • ContextLoaderListener
  • WebApplicationContext
  • Spring Web MVC Overview
  • Capabilities
  • Architecture (Front Controller, MVC Pattern)
  • Spring MVC Basics
Additional Spring MVC Capabilities
  • Reference Data with @ModelAttribute
  • Forms and Binding, Spring Form Tags
  • Session Attributes, @SessionAttributes
  • Validation / JSR-303
XML Specific Configuration
  • Collection Valued Properties
  • Configuring and Using Lists and Sets
  • Factory Classes and Factory Methods
  • Definition Inheritance (Parent Beans)
  • AutoWiring with XML
  • Inner Beans
  • Compound Names
RESTful Services with Spring
  • REST Overview
  • REST vs SOAP
  • REST and Spring MVC
  • Client-Side Access to RESTful Services
  • Ajax Access (Browser/JavaScript/jQuery)
  • Using Spring’s RestTemplate
  • Programming Common REST Patter



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