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9th Nov 2019 5.30PM to 6.30PM

What is SAP PI/PO?

PO Start Screen SAP PI/PO Training

PO Start Screen
SAP PI/PO Training

SAP PI/PO (Process Integration/Process Orchestration) is a tool that allows you to integrate solutions. It makes it easy to synchronize data between different systems. Let’s say you are using the SAP ERP system, and you wish to integrate with the CRM system. To do that, you should use PI, which enables the user to perform integrations easily, with a standard tool that allows you to maintain all the different connections in one place.

You can also synchronize data to a warehouse system, where you want to send all the information regarding orders: which of them are being      generated, how they are used, and when they should be shipped.

How do you learn SAP PI/PO?

As with every other field, one needs to be an expert in certain areas in order to become a successful integration developer. First, you need to find out how SAP tools work – in other words, you need SAP training. You need to understand what components do; you also need to know how you can use them. When all of this is clear, you can move on to the next step.

After receiving all the necessary information and training, you should start experimenting. Your knowledge has to be put into practice. Don’t worry if your first experiments aren’t perfectly well-rounded integrations. You need the experimentation phase in order to transition from student to expert. In this phase, you will need to wrap your head around different contexts. You will undoubtedly ask yourself: “What works in this particular scenario?” or “How can I make this work?”. When you become able to answer your own questions with confidence, you have reached the next phase of your SAP experience.

The third step is implementation. This is the phase in which you begin to work on real-life scenarios. From this point on, you have to oversee projects from start to finish. You have to follow through on the entire integration process, and you also have to be able to tell what works in a certain situation. Furthermore, you actually have to make it work, as there is less room for error than in the previous phase.

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SAP PI/PO5.30pm to 6.30pm 40hrsEvery Day demoRegister Now

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