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9th Dec, 2019 3.30am to 5.00

Python is today used majorly for web development applications and has gained grounds as a replacement or JAVA. Python is a simple interpreter based, high level object- oriented generic programming language and can be used to design and build application and prototype with ease.Python training by TallGrass Soft is designed to help you master this extremely popular programming language with ease.  With a large and every growing library of re-usable components and nuggets, Python is constantly gaining grounds as a simple and easy to work with Web programming language.


Advantages of Python language 

»Simple and readable syntax similar to English

»Large and ever-growing user community network

»Support for multiple programming paradigms

»Availability of a large collection of pre-build library function, reducing development time


What Will I Learn?

»Have an intermediate skill level of Python programming.

»Use the Jupyter Notebook Environment.

»Use the numpy library to create and manipulate arrays.

»Use the pandas module with Python to create and structure data.

»Learn how to work with various data formats within python, including: JSON,HTML, and MS Excel Worksheets.


CourseTime Date Duration 
Python Training 9.00am to 11.00am20 July 201840hrsRegister Now



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